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Creepypasta Rap Battle 1
Hoodie VS Masky VS Pinkamena Dianne Pie
H - They called me the hooded nightmare, all those around me get a good scare! Why don’t you come closer, I’m sure you’ll agree that I’m the fairest of them all!
M - Don’t be a silly hill billy boy cause thats what you are, you’re just a hooded figure while my mask will leave you scared! I’m the prettiest of all the masked menaces won’t you agree? So won’t you man up and let me be me!
H - Oh you think that I am scared of a masked persona, I seriously am not because I can see your blender thats right up your sleeve. You can’t kill a soul because you don’t have one yourself! At least I have a soul so I can be here and breathing!
PDP - Hey fellas want to join my gang, I make cupcakes everyday I swear I’m innocent.
H - What do you do with your friend
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FT: Gruvia by Iwonn FT: Gruvia :iconiwonn:Iwonn 678 64 Day 1 - Morning by Arya-Aiedail Day 1 - Morning :iconarya-aiedail:Arya-Aiedail 2,689 161 Jerza - Forever by Arya-Aiedail Jerza - Forever :iconarya-aiedail:Arya-Aiedail 3,031 185 Gruvia - You're mine by Arya-Aiedail Gruvia - You're mine :iconarya-aiedail:Arya-Aiedail 2,488 103 GaLe - King and Queen by Arya-Aiedail GaLe - King and Queen :iconarya-aiedail:Arya-Aiedail 3,707 183 The Princess and the Dragon by Arya-Aiedail The Princess and the Dragon :iconarya-aiedail:Arya-Aiedail 2,471 172 Gruvia - I will break the ice of your heart by Arya-Aiedail Gruvia - I will break the ice of your heart :iconarya-aiedail:Arya-Aiedail 2,029 73 Can you feel it? |Gruvia| by HinamoriMomo21 Can you feel it? |Gruvia| :iconhinamorimomo21:HinamoriMomo21 1,311 90 MMD- Shining Hair Texture DL by MMDFakewings18 MMD- Shining Hair Texture DL :iconmmdfakewings18:MMDFakewings18 2,475 553 MMD- Pinkie Hair -DL by MMDFakewings18 MMD- Pinkie Hair -DL :iconmmdfakewings18:MMDFakewings18 1,086 59


The wind is chilled... It rushes passed my face. Am I dead? No, no... I'm very much alive. On the inside am I alive? Now that is questionable... but physically yes. I am alive. Dead, brown leaves brush passed my feet. Do they miss being attached to the tree that gave them life? It makes me wonder. Do they miss the warmth of being connected to something...? Like how I miss the warmth of an unbroken heart? Do they miss being green and alive? Wishing they were still high in a tree so they wouldn't be just something to be stepped upon by uncaring people? Possibly. Now they're just being taken to where the wind takes them... The same chilled wind that is touching the skin on my face and body... In a way everything is connected... The leaves used to be alive, but now they've gone and fallen off the tree. Leaving them dead. So, yes... I am alive. Until I fall off this Earth.


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United States
I'm Christina. I'm 17 years old, and pretty random. I'm better drawing on actual paper than on the computer... so, yep! :meow: I also make Nightcore music on my YouTube channel called NightcorexAnime.


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MoonlitChic Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014  Student Digital Artist
do u have a skype?? it's the long lost
MermaidTickler here.
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Hey, look, it is me.
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Yes, tis. :iconlaplz:
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HAPPY BIIIRFDAAAY! :tighthug: c: Hope you had a great time <3 :heart: c:
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happy bday! get on fh! im Trakmiro on that game now!
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Is that you in the profile pic? LOVE THE HAIR! :D
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Yeah it is owo Thanks
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...I have something very important for you....

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